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weight loss results

" I've always struggled with weight loss in the past 10 years, I think I've tried every diet and weight loss plan there was until I finally said I give up, I'm going to be 40 in a couple of years and who wants to live there lives on a diet. Well that January i went out with a couple of friends for my 39th birthday and we took a couple of pictures and I could not believe how much weight I had put on! It was so embarrassing and at that moment I realized that I do care and I can't give up. I heard about the phentabz from a friend of mine and said here goes nothing... I tried them and the weight starting coming off, I didn't have to change the way I was eating because it suppressed my appetite which made me eat smaller portions. They gave me so much energy and confidence that I actually wasn't embarrassed to join a gym and started a small change in my way of eating. Well I just turned 40 and realized I am now down 51 lbs since that picture was taken for my birthday last year, and I'm feeling better than I have in years. I'm actually smaller than I was when I got married. I would recommend PhenTabz to everyone who has struggled with weight loss and with lack of energy. I will forever be a PhenTabz customer and I look forward to my next birthday pictures."

Sincerely, Christine VanCamp