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25 lbs - 12 weeks

Marlene lost 24 pounds with PhenTabz


My name is Marlena Cecil and I am a PA-C (Physician Assistant). I run a medical clinic where I conduct routine physicals, health exams, monitor patient's health and prescribe medications for my patients. My clinic offers weight loss which includes nutritional programs and prescription medications. Phentermine was our standard medication prescribed for weight loss – but it presented patients with many undesirable side effects. Recently we have changed our medication from Phentermine to PhenTabz and patients couldn't be happier (better results/less side effects). I decided to take a dose of my own medicine and see how PhenTabz would work for me – and it worked Perfectly! I lost 25 pounds in 10 weeks and all my friends and family are amazed at how good I look and feel. I have never endorsed a product before is that good!

Marlena Cecil, PA-C Miami, FL


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Marlena's success story continues with 35 lbs in 16 weeks! Watch this video and see for yourself!



Dr Krueger loses 35 pounds on PhenTabz


35 Lbs – 18 Weeks


Dr. Keith Krueger - Fort Myers, Florida


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50 Lbs – 24 Weeks

I have had to struggle with weight loss before – but I had never allowed myself to get as heavy as this past year. They say pictures say a thousand words, and I know that to be true. When I saw this picture with my husband I knew it was time to take control and get my life back. I work for a medical company and had heard about PhenTabz and how well they worked. I can tell you flat out that I am not an exercise person and needed something to seriously knock out my appetite. PhenTabz gave me amazing energy which made the entire process easy and motivating. PhenTabz is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight and keep it off.

Tiffany – Fort Myers, Florida


Tiffany lost 50 pounds with PhenTabz

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Will lost 20 pounds with PhenTabz


30 Lbs – 10 Weeks

I am a person that is used to being in great shape. I played baseball in both high school and college and worked in management at health clubs – so I know what I am supposed to do to stay in great shape. The fact is that sometimes it's hard to stay focused and motivated. I needed a little push to get back into the gym and lose weight and I found much more than just a "push" with PhenTabz. PhenTabz gave me ridiculous energy which motivated me to train hard and eat right. It only took me about a month to lose 4 inches on my waist and to get back on track! PhenTabz works and it works fast!

Will Taylor, GA


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28 LBS – 3 Months

I had taken Adipex in the past to lose weight – but was never able to reach my goal because the medication made me nervous and jittery. My best friend who lives in London sent me a bottle of PhenTabz to try (she lost 67 pounds taking PhenTabz). Because it worked so well for her, and since I had so much weight less than her to lose, I was very happy to give it a try. The first week I lost 3 kilos (about 6 pounds) and wasn't feeling nervous or jittery which let me know I had found my new medication for weight loss. I reached my goal in just under 3 months and am so proud of my success. I attached the picture of me in Dubai on a vacation that my husband surprised me with for doing so great! Thank you so much PhenTabz.

Judith Sessler - Ansbach, Germany


JJ lost 28 pounds with PhenTabz

Medical Weight Loss Centers sells PhenTabzMedical Weight Loss Centers has found PhenTabz to be effective

We offer a non-prescription pharmaceutical that is only available through physicians. This exciting, new product has proven successful in motivating our patients to become active and lose weight. They are very happy with their results. We have worked with prescription pharmaceuticals (Phentermine) in the past as well as presently. PhenTabz has less potential side effects. Taken only twice a day it is well tolerated. We have found PhenTabz to be a very effective product that we are pleased to offer our patients.

Mary Hoke, ARNP


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Men's Total Fitness raves about PhenTabz

As a personal trainer and a respected men's fitness website owner and editor, I am constantly approached by vendors who tell me that they have the "next big thing" in weight loss. Naturally, I am very leery and skeptical of all of them. When a representative from your company sent me a bottle of PhenTabz, I agreed to review the product and give an honest un-biased opinion as I do with all other products that are sent to me. I have to say, I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I began my 30 day trial of your product! I picked one of my clients (who agreed to try the product, obviously) whom I thought would benefit the most from this type of product and she began losing weight within 2 days of taking it. Her first week, she lost 6 pounds simply by adding PhenTabz to the diet and exercise program I already had her on. I am VERY happy to report to you that in her 30 days of taking your product, she lost 12 pounds and has finally reached her goal weight. She has been a client of mine for 2 months now and has had trouble "sticking to the plan" - it seems that PhenTabz have given her the boost that she needed. When I asked her for product feedback/side effects, she told me that overall there were no real side effects other than not being able to go to sleep at her normal time. I suspected this was due to the "stimulant effect" that your product provides, so I moved her afternoon pill up to 1PM instead of 4PM and that solved that problem for her. I'd love to recommend your product to a few more of my clients, and I am looking forward to seeing similar results for them as well!

Thank you,
Marc Jennings